The Venue

About The Regatta Shoreline Amphitheater:

Polson is the Southernmost point on Flathead Lake. It is the place where Flathead-Lake becomes a river again. .  We like to think this is the most beautiful musical venue in the world…come and make your determination…

The Regatta Shoreline Amphitheater is joint cooperative effort with Lake County, the City of Polson, the management of Polson Fairgrounds Incorporated and the Anderson Broadcasting Charitable Foundation.

The goal is to provide a home for world class entertainment to Polson, and Western Montana. The RSA was engineered to support the weight of a full symphony.

Seating is currently on a terraced area in front of the stage, a flat area atop the hill, and on the hillside. Bring your lawn chair, umbrellas, swimsuit, towels, sunscreen. An area for dancing is in front of the stage.

Please leave your pets in the camping zone but check on them frequently.

The Polson Fairgrounds is roughly 40 acres.  The FLBMF has a foot print of approximately a quarter of this with free parking, free camping and the Regatta Shoreline Amphitheater. Please donate so we can we can develop this land into a more productive area for the future.

If you are looking for things to do around town, we’ve put together a page for our sponsors that includes information about local events and ideas to try out!