Be a Performer!

We encourage you to show us the best that you have. Your Electronic Press Kit is your audition.

Here are the requirements for any bands who want to submit auditions for the festival.

You will need:

  1. A promotional video. Send us a spectacle! Submissions require a promotional video because we need to see how well you perform on stage in front of a live audience. Are you entertaining enough? Do you engage the audience? Do you have the energy and content that audiences will want to feel and see? Here is an adequate example of a well working video from a band who has played with us:
  2. Marketing Materials. Send us something usable! Bands will have to be shown on posters, in events, and with sponsors when necessary, and photographs with the entire band, logos, band history – it will be used eventually to build hype, inform the sponsors and the audience, and introduce you to the festival goers as a worthwhile interesting part of the experience!
  3. Logistics. Where are you from? What music do you play? How many members are in the band? What songs do you have that will be the best fit for the crowd? What kinds of instruments do you have? All of this and more helps us determines which day do you get to play.
  4. Permissions. Agreements on your image to be used at the festival, for any requirements necessary, for as long as it takes.

We intend to link your credentials to our Website, PayPal and Facebook. We need contact information, which is a given, both we also would like anything that would help us sell tickets and promote you a band, (e.g., shows schedule, etc.).

Contact: E-mail :  Phone : 406.890.9952