More Nearby Locations!

Traveler, be sure to check out the Sponsors/Event page for useful information about nearby businesses, food locations and events.

Furthermore, here is a list for your convenience on what may be local needs for your stay:

Main Street – Health Food Store,
Off the highway – Super1 Foods, Safeway, Mrs. Wonderfuls (turn right after Beacon tire, location almost immediately on the left), Soma Bowl (turn left heading East when you see Karen’s Produce Stand, follow road around, past China Gate.)

Literally everywhere. Typical fast food not your thing?
Main Street – Fiesta en Jalisco Mexican (left at the Light). Blodgett Creamery (Soups, burritos, sandwhiches, Icecream, cafe), Cove Deli (Off mainstreet at the first block – gyros, subs, pizza, milkshakes, soups, more), Elks Lodge (bar and grill), VFW (bar and grill).
Follow the Highway Further in Polson: Oaks Korean, Richwines Burgerville, Sweet Bliss, Sportspage (bowling alley – soups, and more), China Gate, Mackenzie River.

Coffee, Beer, More:
Also, Evverrryyyywherrrre.
Try Main Street and the Highway.

Things to Do:
Golf Course (Polson & Pablo)
Boats, Kayaks, Etc. (Riverside Recreation, Flathead Boat Rentals, Riverside Boat Rentals, More!)
Polson Showboats Cinema
Port Polson Players
Kwataqnuk Casino, The Shadow (cruise boat), and more!
Sportspage Bowling Alley

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