Friday August 16th, 2019

This part of the show is going to demonstrate the Montana’s talent and has some interesting experiences ahead!

JORDAN ALBERT – A Comedian, Guitarist, Local Montana Artist. Also featured – Hoop Dance: Robert Perot.

STONE CLOUD 4 – Local Idaho Musicians.

THE PLEASURE KINGS – Traditional blues band masters from Missoula.

THE KELLY BROTHERS – A new combination of Musicians that has never played before, and will never again! The Kelly Brothers was an experiment pieced together for this exciting show from 2 Men named Kelly who have been experienced musicians of Different Genres of Music. Who knows what they will make!

TICKET SAUCE – A funk/rock/jam trio featuring infectious grooves, searing guitar melodies, epic throwbacks and endless amounts of rocky mountain soul. 

MONEY PENNY – a Blues/Rock quartet from Missoula, Montana that blend styles to create a high energy- often funky- authentic Blues experience.

Montana Jam Fest! A mixture of a variety of musicians coming together to give you that improvised sound that makes new genres arise.

Saturday August 17th, 2019

Blue Moon Smokey Smooth Jazz & Blues Band

Blue Moon is a smooth jazz, blues and funk combo featuring original tunes from lead singer and bass player Mary Place. Blue Moon features a mature, eclectic sound and is quickly becoming known as one of Missoula’s hippest new bands.        

The Bobby Patterson Band 


Bobby “Fat Tone” Patterson is a world class guitarist, singer/songwriter, with drummer Ken Danielson, and bass man Randolph Knowles.

Winner of just about every award Inland Empire Blues Society had to offer. Can’t wait to see him on stage! Don’t miss this performance!

Here is a sample:

The Zach Cooper Band

The Zach Cooper Band
is a five-piece progressive blues/rock band from the Inland Northwest. Awards include Inland Empire Blues Society “Best Drummer” – 2001, 2003, 2010; and Cascade Blues Association “Best Regional Band”(Too Slim) – 2004 through 2007.

The Michelle Taylor Band

The Michelle Taylor Band
Spanning a mix of styles that include hard and soft rock as well as blues, country and contemporary pop dance music; Michelle’s powerful lead vocals are backed by a group of seasoned and musically-diverse musicians, explore covers and originals alike.

Stacy Jones Band

Stacy Jones Band is a winner of 10 “2018 Best of the Blues Awards” by the Washington Blues Society including “Best Band,” “Best Recording,” “Best Songwriter,” “Best Harmonica” “Best Drums,” and “Best Bass”.

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